Monday, November 22, 2004


This is getting tiresome. Since the American election some version of it shows up in a US newspaper just about every day. What started as a fantasy of Canadian leftists was picked up on by some on the losing side of the (US) election, and sent American pundits of the left and right off to google Canada (after that troublesome half hour spent trying to find the place on the map!) Actually, I like Americans. They are good neighbours and friends, and I suspect most of the talk among Democratic Party supporters about leaving the country for Canada is no more than the whining of losers. It will pass.

To those liberal prigs in the US who are serious about this: I was quite happy to see George Bush re-elected. Yes, despite what you have heard there are plenty of nasty conservatives up here. Many of us are not the lovable socialist snow creatures you seem to think we are. Both countries would be better off if you stayed home.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Titans of the Twine Tent

Drove in the rain to Thamesford last night to watch 6 year old nephew's hockey game. The little guy has come a long way since first lacing 'em up a couple of winters ago. His skating is not quite there yet, but coming along. His strides are short and without his stick he swing his arms back and forth instead of from side to side, making it look like he is walking somewhere in a tremendous hurry. Still, he beats most of the other players to the puck, and is among the top players on his Tyke team.

Last night it was nephew's turn to play goalie. He was very excited about it all week. His dad strapped the pads on him and he waddled out of the dressing room, stood waiting by the gate with his team mates, and then, just as the Zamboni was about to finish, he announced that he had to pee. His dad grabbed him, hustled him back to the dressing room, removed the corresponding equipment for nephew to do his business, got the gear back on, and had him on ice in time to take a couple of warm up shots.

The game was a goalie's battle. At first nephew looked unsure of himself, but the first half of the game was scoreless. He got better as the game went on revealing a poke-check reminiscent of the great Johnny Bower. Thamesford got a couple by him, and their goalie was phenomenal. He was by far the busier of the two having to face at least half a dozen breakaways, but he stopped everything thrown at him. Thamesford won 2 to 0. It was great fun to watch, and I know nephew enjoyed himself.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Parrish Gets the Boot

Paul Martin has finally worked up the courage to kick Carolyn Parrish out of the liberal caucus. Apparently, she will now sit as an independent member. Perhaps she would more at home with the NDP nicely filling the shoes of the party's former drama queen Svend Robinson.

Though, this paragraph from a Globe & Mail story gives some support those who suspect Parrish's rants are really directed at the PM, not the President.
Ms. Parrish said she's "not out to get" Mr. Martin, but lost respect for him when he did not intervene in her bitter nomination battle with former MP Steve Mahoney and does not care what happens to the Liberal Leader now. "If he loses the next election and he has to resign, I wouldn't shed a tear over it," she said.

I'd like to know the demography of Parrish's riding (Mississauga-Erindale) Who votes for this woman?


Monday, November 15, 2004

"That Memorial Thing"

A few comments on Remembrance Day: The place where I work gave us Friday off instead of Nov 11. I suppose it proves that long weekends are more important than remembering. At any rate, I was chatting with a friend of mine on the phone last night who was completely mystified as to why I would have any day off last week. It suddenly came to him. Well sort of...."Oh, you were off for that memorial thing?"

When I was a boy the parade to the cenotaph in my small town seemed to stretch the entire length of the main street. I would proudly point out my father (an RCR veteran of the Italian campaign and Northwest Europe) Now there might be 4 or 5 WWII vets left in town. Many in the media have taken the CBC route of using imagery and words to infer that fighting for your country and what you believe in is wrong, and those who did are suckers...or better yet, victims.

There is a great piece on what Remembrance Day has become over at Trudeaupia. The torch was never tossed to my generation because the 60's generation extinguished the flame and burried the torch.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Bourque's Colours

I enjoy Bourque Newswatch. I use it as my homepage. It is convenient and has everything a news junkie needs. However, I remain skeptical of his choice of stories to feature in headlines, and where he is coming from. Back in September he all but ignored The World Cup of Hockey, and Canada's victory. Yet today the top headline (and photo) are about Canada loosing some rugby test-match to England. Relatively few in Canada are interested in rugby. Almost makes you think Bourque prefers results of the latter.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Solidarity Forever

There was a light covering of snow this morning when I went work. I've been at this job for almost a year and still can't used to dragging my sorry ass out of bed at 04:45 hrs...or having lights out at 2100hrs. However, it would seem that the Chief Night Owl took pity on me. There is another job posting at work with the starting time of 16:30hrs. I have signed up for it...mine is the only name on list so far. I haven't heard anything from my supervisor yet.

I am anxious to see my pay slip this week as we should see the results of our new contract which was ratified a couple of weeks ago. I may actually get less take-home pay. Let me explain. A few months ago when negotiations started our union rep (she's so full of shit I should know better than to believe anything she says) was promising those at the bottom of the seniority list at least a $1 raise. Needless to say, that idea didn't make it out of the first negotiating session. Three more meetings were held before the new contract was presented to us. Most of us figured there would be a small raise for everyone. Well, we figured wrong...very wrong. A handful, already getting the top wage, at the top of the almighty seniority list (including the union reps) got a healthy raise. The rest of us got a kick in the ass. We got nothing...not one red cent. Though, we are to be thankful that the new contract says we are all now officially members of the union. The dues will mean a cut in pay for me instead of raise. Any beefs? See your union can usually find them playing solitaire at the computer terminal or on 45 minute break.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Flag Flap

If you don't already know what petty little men infest the hard-core of the Quebec separatist movement read this. The Canadian flag (in their own back yard) is a constant reminder to these people of their failures. Even with the obstructionist Bloc in Ottawa, the PQ gaining power in Quebec and holding referenda, the majority of Quebecers remain uninterested in separation. As well, imagine the self loathing of people like Andre Bellavance. Your narrow view of the world is the only thing that matters. Your very reason for being is to taunt, belittle and frustrate anything or anyone from outside Quebec. Your arrogance knows no bounds...yet your way is still paid by the grubby English.